The Power of X Training.


I only started running in 2009….crazy, because it feels  like its been much more time! I always made fun of people that ran….ya know, I was one of those soccer players through high school and college…I ran for a purpose. There was a ball to catch and put in the back of a net – why else would anyone choose to run?!

Eleven or so years ago I decided, while in school, to get my ACE cert and do the whole personal training deal…with that, I started to teach classes….spin, kickboxing, body attack, etc etc…all the good stuff. But some classes came and went, but one thing was a constant, I was always teaching on the bike – putting in at least 60-100 miles a week.  So when I started running in 2009, I often wondering why it was coming so easy….DUH!!! But I didnt get that – as most runners only want to think they are swift like the wind because its ‘natural’….not because of a totally different sport!

I always had my training plans for any marathon – or anything really – encompass spin at least twice a week…and simply because I was teaching!! One day in 2013…I decided it would be a great idea to qualify again for Boston…but of course I was in the middle of 3 injuries and had been resting my legs from running.  So…I started to run again and after about 3-4 weeks of training – I threw the towel in and said, “looks like i’m winging this one…”

But what I didnt stop….cross training. I was spinning and weight training. Climbing stairs everyday – lots of stairs – LOTS AND LOTS.  I showed up at that startline in PA and although I had a pacer, my support at the time, helping me get through – taking some anxiety off of me – it was still not so comforting knowing I havent ran at all.

Did I end up qualifying….OF COURSE! And its not me….trust me….Ive had to work my entire life for everything I do….it was the cross training. The power of cross training can get you to the finishline of anything. Just because you might be injured, facing a mental battle one day….dont give up….just cross train for a bit and it will pass. Trust me – I never thought it would work, but cross training gives you strength in so many other ways!

My coach has me running and cross training everyday…it doesnt need to be hard…it just needs to be apart of your training to reach your goals.


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