Why I Run.


So to keep a long story short…..my running career began one day when I didn’t want to go back to work (or the gym) because someone said I needed to stop eating so many cookies. REALLY?! Yes, sadly, I decided to head out on a run from my house instead of going to the gym for my workout which would have including some ellipticaling.  I was out running for at least an hour…and I thought ‘wow! this is great! ive been out here for SO long.’ Ill never forget how proud I felt about myself because in all honesty, I spent most of my life wondering why anyone would ever run for fun!

So after such a wonderful hour run through the neighborhood, I decided ‘hey why not do a half marathon…its on your bucket list to do before you die.’ So i just started to run a little more and a friend told me what to do for about 5 weeks before my first.  And I just kept going….

Nerves were high but then i experienced the best feeling I have ever experienced in my life….crossing the finish line.  If you have never done that, you are not allowed to judge any runner for what they do….this is why I run. The feeling of success and completing any distance…oh my goodness, it’s the best thing in the world – I can’t even describe it to you.

So then people like to ask….’ok, that’s great, but why do you run further and further than just the half or marathon?’ Well, here it is…every body has limits and I honestly think we set the bar too low for ourselves sometimes…my body is good to me and I want to push myself to test my limits.  Anyone can achieve their goals…never let anyone tell you that you can’t be a champion. You can be. Find your niche…your sport…your passion…that truly is all you need tobe successful…the passion and drive to succeed.  And don’t forget to have a finish line that you cross. This is why I run…to cross the finish line of something that challenged me physically, mentally, and made me test my own limits. I love to run and right now its all I have…


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