When asked….’Why ALTRA?’

A VERY early Altra run, Sept 2015

‘To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give a reality to one’s dreams.’ – Roger Vivier

I was asked last week, “why do you want to be an Altra runner?” Well. As much as that is not a fully loaded question….its a fully loaded question!! The immediate, “why wouldn’t I want to be?!” came to mind, but that doesn’t really explain what my purpose is or the core reason.  It took me a couple minutes to phrase the exact reason why, and in the end, it was quite clear.

Since I started running in 2009/10, I have been wearing any and every shoe known to man. Its nuts to think about how many pairs of shoes I have accumulated over the years. Nike…Brooks…Adidas…Newton…and more. And generally after wearing one for a short or extended period of time, an injury would flare up, or something just wasn’t right.  After my hiatus in 2012/2013 from racing, and making the full transition to ultra trail running, I needed something that was going to get me through horrendous terrain, long hours, and without pain. It was a no brainer – Altra. I look up to majority of the elite Altra runners and when you see Zach Bitter, the Puzey Bros, Hannah, Ian…all wearing Altras and succeeding, you know something is in the shoe! :-p  But, this still wasn’t my answer to the question – yes, I have Altra idols, but nope, that’s not why I want to run for Altra.

Some people think that running a 2:45 marathon at age 12 is cool, or even absurd. I think its one of the most impressive achievements a child could ever have. It reminds me of the fictional movie “Saint Ralph” when a boy around the same age wins the Boston Marathon. Its gives you the chills, especially if you know what its like to finish such a race. That type of talent, paired with growing up in the running community, conducting loads of research, is why Golden Harper is such a brilliant man – who wouldn’t want to wear his shoes!? Sadly, this still didn’t answer my question.

Zero Limits. Those two words answered my question. It may seem ridiculous, but really that’s exactly why I want to run for Altra. There are Zero Limits – there are no limits to running your best in any race; no limits to your success, your failures, your training, your drive, motivation, or goals.  There are simply zero limits to living the life you want to live. I have never been able to settle for average or standard, or in running, a midpacker.  If I am going to do something, I want to do it GREAT – I want to work at my greatest potential and push my own limits. That might not mean being the greatest runner in the world, but what it does mean is that I have personally chosen to have zero limits…zero holdups…zero fears…zero regrets. That is exactly why I want to be an Altra runner.

I will admit, it took me a couple minutes to realize exactly what being an Altra runner truly meant or why I wanted to be on a such an incredible team of athletes. Either way, the answer was clear. I may be injury free, have Altra legends that I look up to, and think the world of Golden’s early accomplishment, but in the end, to represent Altra means I am living to my full potential and constantly pushing my own limits.  #ZeroLimits.


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