Fluid Nutrition: It Works. 

As an athlete and dietitian I am asked quite often about what the best products are out there for any particular thing….high blood pressure, improved immune function, recovery, weight loss…you name it, I’ve been asked about it. And of course, more often than not I’m asked about fueling and recovery for sport. Many people choose to not recover from their workouts for a variety of reasons, and more serious athletes are aware they need to do it, but just aren’t too sure with what. I have trialed a number of products and although there is nothing wrong with any of them, one product stands apart from the rest – for me. Fluid Nutrition for fueling and recovery. I use it for recovery 100%. I can’t lie, I am always skeptical of the latest and greatest products on the market. I have to do some serious research and also prefer to try them before giving the stamp of approval. And very quickly – I approved!!

First, the performance powder…

How many of you have tried a million brands of gels, powders, potions, and blocs (without a K of course…)??? There is so much out there! And running for very long periods of time…everything gets old!! I prefer to have a lot of variety in what I consume to keep both my mind and body in top condition. I have finally, after however many years, found both a gel and chew for fueling, but I still didn’t have a beverage mix with carbohydrate until I came across Fluid. The performance mix comes in a couple different flavors, with or without caffeine, and for me, I much prefer the Blueberry Pomegranate mix. One scoop is equivalent to a gel (easy math, right?!) or 25 grams of carbohydrate, 100 calories. Boom. Energy needs met per scoop. It also contains sodium and potassium which is awesome. Great profile with basic needs. But the beauty of this product lies in the composition. I know it sounds silly, but its not sticky, fizzy, or unmixable. The worst ever is being in a race and your handheld explodes from all the CO2 building up on the inside, or when the powder mix doesn’t actually mix, or GI distress – OMG – it/s the worst! Fluid Nutrition’s performance mix – never an issue with any of that.

And then there was a chocolate shake…..oh wait….that’s the Chocolate Wave recovery mix.

Whenever anything is chocolate/milk based, it’s assumed its going to be a chunky and chalky beverage, and if it’s not then its probably ultra sugary. So here’s the thing….Fluid’s recovery mix is none of that – its incredible. I will mix 2-4 scoops after a workout and it will mix within 5 “shakes.” Nothing sticks to the bottom – it’s the greatest thing ever. The consistency is thin, and more water based than the thick protein powder mixes I think we all have tried at some point. I look forward to this shake after my workouts – sometimes the thought of drinking it gets me through the last 30 minutes – sad, I know 🙂 So the profile….all very good. It contains a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein which is exactly what an athlete wants. It also includes glutamine with Vitamin C which some research shows to stop the inflammatory process. That’s the point of recovery!!!…replenish and repair muscles as well as ensure inflammation doesn’t occur. And if it tastes good – win win!!

So even if you have a product that you love and stand by, totally cool, keep using it. My point here is to encourage you to fuel and recover! As a dietitian its so hard for me to see people not recover properly!! It’s like nails on a chalkboard. And I know some say they don’t need it, but remember, we don’t see what happens in our bodies which sadly will break down muscle anytime we don’t give it what it needs to survive – that includes after exercise. There is a small window of recovery opportunity – be sure to recover within 30 minutes of finishing your activity. Super important!

Fluid Nutrition works wonders for me during and after activity and I do highly recommend it. Give it a try – it can’t hurt! If you would like more information, shoot me a message. The Fluid team members are incredible and will also love to answer any questions. Cheers and keep fueling!


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