The Skinny on Tranzend Body: CortiZen


There are countless products on the market advertising anything under the sun…what do you buy? Who do you trust? What’s labeled appropriately? What does it all mean? Does cost matter? All of those questions, and about a million more, float into your head when thinking about supplements, vitamins, minerals, weight control, or anything related to diet and exercise. Sadly, its a part of the industry and another way to make money by confusing people even more. So what do you buy or need that will actually help? My intention here is not to tell you what to buy but rather what is working for me (and what isn’t working). My goals and reasons to take particular supplements might be different than yours – I’m adding another perspective.

I first heard of Tranzend Body from my coach, Tommy Rivers Puzey, when he sent me a text message about it. It read something like this…”so I’m taking this supplement called CortiZen and I’m sleeping better and my back doesn’t hurt, would you maybe be interested in trying it, there is a sale right now.” Coming from Rivs, I know it was a bit timid in nature, and totally not a pressure situation, but given what I experience every day within my body, I looked into it. And from what I read, I was genuinely impressed.

Since the epic demolition of my road racing career in 2012 to 2014, I struggled to build it all back up. I have a few lingering injuries from the over-training and lack of proper nutrition, which is the worst! To make a long story short, I started building my running back up with Zach Bitter in 2014 and then Rivs in 2015, and we continue to work together to this day. I trust him. If he really believes in something, I’m going to give it a try. CortiZen was recommended as a way to reduce the inflammation I experience and ultimately see if the lingering pain goes away.

One of things I trust about Rivs is that he’s not going to over train me. I can settle in with high volumes of activity, typically 3 hours per day, and be just fine. Two injuries that I live with on a day to day basis because they can’t be corrected…I have sciatica that developed in 2013 from running (a lovely over use injury) and will experience pain in my hamstring if inflammation is high. I also have a sports hernia (it’s really a tear) in a small, deep groin muscle that rages with pain post cycling and into longer runs due to inflammation. Anti-inflammatories are the solution…

So what anti-inflammatories work? Ahhhh, none for me to this day. I have tried a variety of things from Glucosamine, Acai Juice, Turmeric by the spoonful, Fish Oil, Algae Oil, oh and even Ibuprofen in mass quantities (not good) …none of it worked (or maybe it does, but I never noticed anything). Since starting CortiZen I am experiencing better performance, increased speed, less pain, and essentially less inflammation. All of those improvements are possible when inflammation is reduced. It’s an incredible thing. I LOVE that I don’t experience pain from a torn groin muscle anymore – the relief is helping boost confidence and feeling like I can get my speed back to road race once again. Even though I am enjoying the trails quite a bit 🙂

Another positive to CortiZen is it’s improving my sleep. There are no sleep agents in this product which is a plus for me. I’ve had horrible insomnia for about 12 years now, and have been prescribed a few different sleep aids. Most make me groggy, or feel like I’m in a weird dream state most of the night. I typically would get 4-6 hours of broken sleep. Since starting CortiZen, I’m soundly sleeping 6-7 hours per night and I’m shocked at how easy it is to pop up out of bed at 4am now. It’s just awesome the difference that actual deep sleep can have on the body.

A few other benefits of CortiZen that I have experienced are below. There are others listed on their website, but these are the ones I have experienced…

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Stress management
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved mood and mental focus
  • Improved recovery from sports and physical activities
  • Improved recovery from injuries or medical procedures

I want to make a point here about cortisol…it’s very high in athletes and those that are super stressed out all the time. Reducing cortisol in the body is so important on many levels, and most times you may think your cortisol is low/normal, but if you are an athlete, generally it will be high. If you are looking for weight management and seem to plateau (it could be lots of things keep in mind) but cortisol does play a role in that plateau.

From my perspective as an dietitian…its a great product for a couple reasons. Number one, it doesn’t have a bunch of garbage in it, nor does it supply a particular “blend” that they won’t disclose information on to buyers. That’s a red flag to me when I see “blend” in the ingredients. Also, it’s natural, vegan, friendly, and has no artificial ingredients (it is also gluten free and has no added sugars). The amount of each ingredient is reasonable as well…there isn’t 1000% of something – that’s not good to overload on supplements or vitamins/minerals. It’s not a product that will hurt you and you are getting what you need to curb the stress and inflammation we all experience (amongst other things!).



I genuinely am so thrilled that Rivs introduced me to this product and I’m actually seeing positive results from it for things I never thought could improved. Like I said, I trust Rivs, and I also trust Dave Catudal, the founder. As a dietitian, personal trainer, and athlete I see WAY too many eating disorders develop from diet plans, exercise plans, supplements, etc. prescribed from people that aren’t dietitians. It’s nuts the amount of emphasis there is in the industry to get lean by doing whatever it takes – and people are buying into it everyday. After talking a bit with Dave, he really has an awesome perspective on health, wellness, nutrition, and activity. That’s not always an easy thing for me to find in this industry to be honest. He knows what he’s doing and that is a huge plus to CortiZen.

I encourage you to read more about him and his products on their website… If you are interested and want more information, certainly message me! I would be happy to offer more insight.

If you would like to try CortiZen, go to this link ( to get 15% off!









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