Resolutions: Life is About What You Love

IMG_2572.JPGIt’s about this time of year that dieting ads take over our TVs, gym memberships have no sign on costs, and people spend more money than you can even imagine. We do all these things around the New Year in preparation for resolutions that must start January 1st… “oh wait, better make it January 2nd because I’ll be hung-over…oh but don’t forget that belated Xmas party on the 5th…can’t start now until February…” and so on it goes. Has anyone ever asked themselves why we even bother with resolutions? Probably, but we continue to do the same thing over and over (aka insanity!).

Resolutions, or goals we can call them, are rooted in what we don’t like about ourselves, right? The classic lose weight resolution coupled with the get leaner, exercise daily, run more, or anything that will morph me into someone else consumes us. We continue to entertain what the media tells us we must look like and be like. What about just being who we are…doing what we love…taking risks…smiling more…enjoying nature and the company of others…what if we rid ourselves of all that worry and hatred from within?

Yes, this is another blog on not making resolutions for the next year that are surrounded around your body or changing your image when your image is totally okay! Exciting!

annie weiss-6
Love your body – all it’s shapes & wiggles!It’s the best feeling ever!

Wouldn’t the best resolution be to love yourself more? And all your parts?! Embrace your hips! Love your thighs! So your stomach isn’t like the girl’s on the magazine…guess what?…it never will be because she’s made by computer! Don’t bother with these types of resolutions…instead bother with the ones that create happiness from within.

It’s definitely awesome to want self-improvement, but improving yourself or your life does not need to start on January 1st…it can start right now and you can slip up and continue on any day of the year. There is no start and finish line like in a race, but sadly we view life as such. Each moment is a time for positive change and an opportunity for growth. Making real change in your life requires a different type of commitment. It doesn’t involved resolutions…it involves actions and love.

For example, last year Brian wrote down his goals for 2018 on paper and they were posted on our bathroom mirror all year long (by the way, having your goals in your face every day helps accomplish them!). And in 2017, he reached massive goals. Yes, they were obtainable, but more importantly, they were about what he loves. To name a couple, he got his BQ, and getting a BQ is no joke for the 30-something males. We traveled to multiple countries and new states…CHECK, CHECK. He got published in a magazine…no problem, goal met. And which goals were left in the dust?…work goals and home improvement jobs. Those are low on my goals list too because they aren’t what we love to do, they don’t excel us in life, and most importantly they don’t make us feel good. To circle all the way back… manipulating your body doesn’t make us feel good; shaming yourself doesn’t set us apart; and ultimately failing over and over again with dieting isn’t worth it.

Certainly do not limit yourself this New Year’s Eve. DO set goals, but first understand that any goal can start at any time, and second, life is about what you love. It’s way more fun to have goals that involve experiences, happiness, and opportunity. For me, I love setting ridiculous goals just to see just how close I can get to reaching them! And some I really do reach, which feels amazing! But most important, they are about improving me as a person and athlete, not about my body or what is “wrong” with me.

This all reminds me of a quote by Kyle Cease that I try to live by each day…. “you are what you love, not what loves you.” Something to think about for 2018!

Blog author: Annie Weiss, MS RD; ultra-endurance athlete and dietitian living and training in Milwaukee, WI. She is a sponsored athlete/ambassador for Pjur Active, lululemon, Swiftwick Socks, Altra Running, OrangeMud, Fluid Nutrition, and First Endurance. Follow her training/racing on Twitter & Instagram: ani_weiss and Facebook: Ani Weiss.  


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